World of Warplanes review


Don’t be fooled by World of Warplanes’ simulation exterior. Within it pumps the beating heart of an all-out action-shooter and battles play out with old-fashioned bravado akin to the arcade machines of our youth. After selecting their loadouts, two teams of 15 hang suspended in the air as the countdown begins. Once the match starts… Continue reading

The smart cars of today and tomorrow


Many of the driving enhancements that we use every day have existed for a long time. Anti-lock breaking systems have been used in cars from the 1970s, LED lights from the 1980s and those fancy bright Xenon Arc headlamps have been around since the 90s. However, thanks to a range of new technologies and powerful… Continue reading

Dash cam reviews and buyers guide


It only takes one disputed car accident to wish you had a way of recording what happened. Rather than strap your phone to your car’s windscreen, there’s a better way. Dash cams are a compact and reasonably-priced alternative. And they do more than you might think — multiple camera angles, GPS geo-tagging and G-sensor lock-recording… Continue reading

Sony VAIO Fit 15A review


We’ve seen our fair share of convertible laptops since Windows 8 landed — those machines equipped with horizontally- or vertically-rotating screens that let them double as (often slightly unwieldy) tablets — and Sony’s VAIO Fit 15A fits that same basic mould. The difference is that, with a comparatively thin screen, it doesn’t really look like… Continue reading

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review


Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite e-reader has one key difference over its forebears — it packs an illuminated, edge-lit screen so you can read more easily in the dark. That does come at a slight price though …

GPS buyer’s guide


Lost for which GPS unit to buy? When it comes to in-car GPS, you’ve got the benefit of dealing with a technology that is extremely mature. That has several effects, the first of which is that with satellite navigation being so ubiquitous, the price of getting access is extremely cheap, even if you opt for a… Continue reading

Laptops under $1000 – TechLife roundup


Thanks to the proliferation of fast yet affordable PC hardware, there are now a huge range of laptops under $1,000 that are powerful enough to replace a desktop PC, yet still offer portability when you need it. These laptops range in size, from slim and compact up to huge 17-inch monsters. Typically they run Intel… Continue reading

The science of sleep


Spend a little time perusing the wares of the App Store or Google Play and you’re sure to find your eyes drawn to the myriad wonders of the health and lifestyle sections, where all manner of miraculous personal transformations and rejuvenations are promised by some very sophisticated-looking ‘brain science’ apps. One recurring focus in this… Continue reading

Misfit Shine review


The Misfit Shine brings some much-needed style to the fitness tracker market. Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminium, it looks more like a piece of fancy jewelry, and comes with accessories to wear it on your wrist and clip it to your clothing. An optional pendant accessory is available for wearing it around your neck too. While… Continue reading

Fitbit One review


Thanks to a built-in OLED display, the Fitbit One is a little more independent than the other fitness trackers. Instead of relying on a mobile app to display detailed stats, you can see a running tally of your steps, distance, stairs climbed and calories burned for the day on the Fitbit itself. You can either… Continue reading