Connected & smart appliances


Get your smartphone to talk to your smart kettle to brew you the perfect coffee? Connected & smart appliances are here.

Instant photo prints anywhere

27_polaroid opener

The analog Polaroid camera may have officially been discontinued, but new digital options have risen in its place.

Swing Copters is the new game by Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen

Swing Copters Flappy Bird

If you loved or hated Flappy Bird, you will likely love or hate developer Dong Nguyen’s follow up, Swing Copters.

Games for the non-gamer


Look left. Look right. The person next to you might not play video games. Gasp! A non-gamer!

Must-have apps, August 2014

must have apps august 2014

Our selection of the apps you should always have on your device.

Hey, Presto! Foxtel makes music streaming affordable

presto price

Just months after Foxtel unveiled its movie streaming service Presto, the Pay TV company has waved its wand and magically made half of the monthly subscription fee disappear without a trace.

Get your calendar sorted with the Sunrise app


The Sunrise app adds a fresh way of looking at your life through its clean interface and mobile-friendly design.

Judgement Day is upon us: Twitter has around 23 million non-human accounts


Twitter has confirmed (probably in 140 characters) that it has around 23 million non-human accounts active on the service.

Learn to dance with these essential dance apps

dance apps zumba dance 2

Born with two left feet? No problem. With these dance apps anybody can learn how to tear up the dance floor.

Watch out Sony and Microsoft: Steam is introducing multimedia purchases

Steam controller

Could Valve be bringing TV shows and movies to Steam? The signs all point to yes, which means Steam sales on movies are a distinct possibility.