NAS boxes get smart


If you need a centralised spot for the whole house to share files and back up. We’ve tested affordable two-bay NAS devices.

Gaming in dystopia


TechLife uncovers the secrets of why we love depressing game worlds, and rounds-up our must-play favourites.

Don’t be afraid to be afraid


These games will put the fear in you, in a fun way.

Must-have apps November 2014

Must have apps Novemeber

Our selection of the apps you should always have on your device.

Killer App: Over


Everybody’s a graphic designer these days.

Apps to get you thinking

khan 3

Whether you’re a little kid or a big kid, there are plenty of apps to extend, challenge and stimulate your grey matter.

A podcast primer


There’s a whole world of fascinating, funny and informative audio content out there, and it wants your attention.

Take it easy


Sit back and relax — we’ve got what you need to chill out.

It’s about time: Apple iPhone and Watch


With its new iPhones, Apple’s finally got some serious weapons to fight Android — and with the Apple Watch coming in 2015, the wearable wars are finally getting started.

3D Printing Secrets – the first layer

3D printer

Struggling to get more than a molten blob from your new 3D printer? The problem could just be the first layer.