Heroically hardcore mobile games

mines of mars

Who says mobile gaming has to be casual? These are TechLife’s favourite titles that prove otherwise.

Pair a PlayStation controller with your iPhone or iPad


Awesome iOS gaming is just a jailbreak and an app away.

Use a Bluetooth PS3 gamepad with your Android

Dualshock 3

It’s possible to pair a PlayStation 3 controller with almost any Android device, provided you’ve got the right app.

Take Control

SteelSeries Stratus - front

A wireless gamepad can transform your smartphone or tablet gaming into a console-like experience, with much more responsive and full-featured controls. Alex Kidman

Apple iPad mini 3 receives the Midas touch

iPad mini 3 Press-578-80

In addition to the iPad Air 2, Apple has announced a new iPad mini, imaginatively calling it the iPad mini 3.

Apple iPad Air 2: Meaner and leaner


Surprise! It’s a new iPad!

Game changers

Tiny Wings 2

These are the essential smartphone and tablet games you absolutely must play.

Get fit: Battle of the bands

fitness bands

There are thousands of ways to improve your health and get fit, but a new class of wrist-mounted products are making the process easier by giving users real time data on their progress.

Giggleworthy Games


There are so many game varieties on the market, but where are all the funnies?

Apps for dog lovers

Dog apps

Want to rescue, research or just revel in man’s best friend? There’s an app for that.