RIP Safari for Windows: your browser alternatives

RIP Safari for Windows: your browser alternatives

As part of yesterday’s launch of OS X Mountain Lion, Apple updated its WebKit-based browser Safari to bring it in line with the new operating system — at least, that is, if you were a Mac user. Simultaneously, the Windows version of Safari vanished from download, but it wasn’t clear if this was a pause in development or its discontinuation.

TechLife asked Apple what the state of play with Safari for Windows was, and we’ve just heard back from an Apple representative that, yes, it has been discontinued. Probably not a huge loss for most users, given Safari for Windows never appeared to gain massive market share, but if you did want a WebKit-based Windows browser, there’s still Chrome to consider.

UPDATE: While Apple is not continuing to actively develop Safari for Windows, they did clarify to TechLife that: “Safari 6 is available for Mountain Lion and Lion, and Safari 5 continues to be available for Windows”.

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