How much are you spending on apps?

How much are you spending on apps?

How much do you think you’re spending on apps and other digital downloads, like movies, music and ebooks? New York Times writer Nick Bilton asked himself that question and ended up tallying his outlay on digital goodies for the year… and the results certainly weren’t pocket change.

Taking into consideration his various apps and games purchases (US$396), movies and TV episode downloads (US$316), ebooks (US$475), music subscription sites (Rdio and Spotify, US$359), other music downloads (US$318), digital magazine subscriptions (US$239), Netflix streaming (US$95), Xbox Live (US$60) and a few other binary odds and ends, he ended up spending a plum US$2,403 in total on digital entertainment in 2012 – and those figures don’t even include internet connection costs (or cloud backup fees).

The fact of the matter is, in the digital marketplace it’s all too easy to click the purchase / subscribe / download button without taking a wider perspective on your monthly buying habits, especially in circumstances where the provider already has your credit card details conveniently on record. While a one-off purchase or subscription might not amount to all that much when viewed in isolation, the cumulative financial damage suffered by the click-happy consumer can be considerable.

How much are you spending on apps and digital media, and what are your best tricks for keeping your spending in line? Share your tips in the comments below.

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