Get Google Now for your iPhone and iPad

Get Google Now for your iPhone and iPad

After Google Now for iOS was shown in a leaked promotional video over a month ago, Google has finally made it official. It’s now available for iPhone and iPad users via the Google Search app.

Google Now is like your personal assistant, providing you with relevant information to manage your day. This includes understanding traffic conditions before you leave for work and even suggesting what time you should leave to get to your next appointment. If you find yourself in an unfamilar part of town and want to know where the nearest cafe or hotel is, Google Now can show you what’s nearby. It can also provide you with the latest news based on your interests without you having to dig for it. It gives you timely and useful information on cards that you can flip through within the app. If you don’t feel like typing, there’s an enhanced Voice Search feature you could try which works like Apple’s Siri.   

Like a personal assistant, the more it gets to know you, the better it becomes at providing you with the right information. So if you get cards that are not relevant to you, you can simply swipe them out of the way so it knows what not to show you for next time. It also takes into account the web history of your searches, where you are, and when your next appointment is. You would need to turn Location Services on and have your calendars synced for some of the smart features to work.

That’s enough talk for now. You’re probably curious to try it out so give it a go and tell us what you think of Google Now in the comments below.


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