SimCity review

SimCity review


TechLife rating 2.5 out of 5 stars

Price: $89.95  |  Platform: PC  |  Web:

In total, I’ve played over 40 hours of SimCity, each of those hours meeting my expectations of a beautiful, ridiculously addictive and fun game. The level of detail (both visual and in gameplay) is incredible and you can get statistics on virtually anything, from your populace’s happiness to land value, ground pollution, which areas are crime ridden and traffic congestion.

Compared to previous SimCity games, this new one rather controversially requires a permanent internet connection and the physical area you have to build your city is purposely small – cities have to interact with each other in order to get everything they need, really forcing you to think about what your city can provide your region. You can choose an oil-rich area, bleed it dry, rake in the profits and then turn it into a casino-based tourism town. You can transform a sleepy seaside village into a major sea port, or an education mecca…

Personally, I could play this game forever, except it won’t let me. The disadvantage of an ‘always online’ game is clear: your ability to play is at the mercy of the servers and despite the developers working around the clock to rectify problems, there’s still no guarantee when you sit down to play that you’ll actually be able to.

I fired up SimCity again just before writing this to give it one last chance and I couldn’t connect to my city. If the series’ usual tornadoes, earthquakes and zombie attacks were the only disasters you were likely to encounter, SimCity would be easier to recommend. Consider this still a work in progress.