Top 10 new features of iOS 7 to look forward to

Top 10 new features of iOS 7 to look forward to

1. The redesign

Under the leadership of Apple design guru Jony Ive, the new-look iOS 7 is sexy and streamlined, with flat design, new icons, brighter colours and a more contemporary vibe.

2. Camera

In addition to adding new easy swiping between camera modes, Apple is wisely paying heed to the whole Instagram revolution with a new square camera format plus built-in filters.

3. Control Center

Having to manually dig into the Settings app every time you want to change your settings is way too much hard work. The new Control Center gives you one-swipe access to your core phone functions. Yes, please.

4. AirDrop

Potentially one of the handiest new features in iOS 7 – especially if your friends use iDevices – AirDrop is making its debut in mobile, enabling easy content sharing between nearby users.

5. Photos

We wouldn’t have guessed the camera roll needed a major renovation, but Apple’s giving it an iPhoto-esque makeover anyway, letting you sort through photo collections, view in year mode, and offering new shared photo streams via iCloud.

6. Notification Center

Notifications are getting a revamp too, with a new spotlight on Today (including current weather and calendar appointments coming up) and Missed, for things you need to catch up on.

7. Security

Apple’s implementing a few strategies into making iOS 7 a tougher nut to crack, including built-in passwords generation in Safari plus new activation lock features for Find My iPhone.

8. Multi-tasking

A weak point in iOS 6 and prior, multi-tasking is receiving a timely facelift in iOS 7, with functional visible previews of each app in the switcher, plus cleverly pre-loaded content, as the phone learns what apps you use when.

9. iTunes Radio

Turns out the rumours were true. Apple’s entry into the streaming music market leans heavily on Pandora’s template, generating smart instant on-demand radio stations for you based on the music you like. US-only for now.

10. iOS in the Car

It remains to be seen how many car manufacturers implement this new iOS-compatible system, but this potentially killer feature gives you safe and legal (ie. hands-free) access to  maps, navigation, real-time traffic updates, music playback and Siri. Could be a game-changer.


Ok, we have to add one more to this list …..

11. Bonus cool new feature! Game controllers

For the iOS gamers out there, you might be interested to know that Apple is officially supporting a hardware game controller implementation for the first time. Compatible devices could take iOS games a step closer to console-level devices (with more accurate tactile control for things like first-person shooters, platform games and so on), but the really interesting question is whether this all has something to do with Apple TV around the corner…

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