NAS boxes get smart


If you need a centralised spot for the whole house to share files and back up. We’ve tested affordable two-bay NAS devices.

Five mistakes you’re (probably) making with your wireless network


Here’s what not to do when setting up and using your network at home.

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 review

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 review

Samsung makes a push for the productivity market with the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 tablet, and it’s largely successful.

The 5 best mini PCs on the market

best mini pc

If an all-in-one is too bulky for your computing needs, why not shrink everything down with one of these superb mini PCs?

The 9 best AIO computer models tested

Best AIO computer

The PC of today is a far cry from the beige box of the 90s, so if you’re sick of your space-hogging behemoth, check out the best aio computers in the world.

Venom BlackBook 14 Zero review


Though the BlackBook 14 Zero’s footprint is about the same size as the UX301 — both are fairly compact laptops that offer good portability — that’s about the extent of the similarities. Where the ZenBook is aiming for slick and stylish, the Zero has gone with a sparse utilitarianism to its design. Though the chassis… Continue reading

ASUS ZenBook UX301 review


The first of these two machines we’re testing as a gaming laptop sports the junior member of the Iris Pro duo — the 5100 — wedged into a proper ultrabook. Unlike most of ASUS’s other ZenBooks, however, the ASUS ZenBook UX301 doesn’t use an all-metal chassis — it’s a mix of metal, plastic and Gorilla Glass… Continue reading

Sony VAIO Fit 15A review


We’ve seen our fair share of convertible laptops since Windows 8 landed — those machines equipped with horizontally- or vertically-rotating screens that let them double as (often slightly unwieldy) tablets — and Sony’s VAIO Fit 15A fits that same basic mould. The difference is that, with a comparatively thin screen, it doesn’t really look like… Continue reading

Laptops under $1000 – TechLife roundup


Thanks to the proliferation of fast yet affordable PC hardware, there are now a huge range of laptops under $1,000 that are powerful enough to replace a desktop PC, yet still offer portability when you need it. These laptops range in size, from slim and compact up to huge 17-inch monsters. Typically they run Intel… Continue reading

Piracy: Three strikes and you’re out?


“Three strikes” laws — also known as “graduated response” — sound like a good idea in theory. Designed to deter illegal downloaders from infringing copyright, and implemented in many countries around the world including France, the UK, New Zealand and South Korea, the system provides progressive disincentives to downloaders who are caught doing the wrong… Continue reading