How to tweak your Android device with Xposed


Xposed continues to be the best way to tweak your ROM.

The five game changing iOS 8 features

ios 8 features

Can Apple finally close the feature gap with Android with these upcoming iOS 8 features?

iPhone users track fitness more than Android, says research

iphone fitness apps

In what will surely form the basis of a new wave of fanboy warfare, iPhone users are more likely to use fitness applications and associated sensor technology than Android users, Roy Morgan research has found.

Sony stakes its Android claim with the Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z2 tablet

xperia z2 tablet

Does Sony finally have what it takes to tackle HTC and Samsung with its latest flagship Xperia Z2 phone and tablet?

Aussie start-up Kisa brings simplicity to mobile phones


Aussie startup Kisa wants to take the difficulty out of modern mobile phones, creating a truly basic handset for the vision impaired, children and the elderly.

How to Jailbreak your iPhone

jailbreak iphone

Is it still necessary to jailbreak your iPhone? Jenneth Orantia looks at the advanced apps and features it can still unlock and give you 10 good reasons to consider it.

10 best reasons to root Android phones

lg-g-flex-3 copy

Gaining root access to your Android device can unlock a world of potential. Here are ten good reasons why you should.

The best ways to expand your mobile storage

mobile storage

It’s a sad truth that the growth in mobile storage hasn’t really kept up with our desire to keep all our data on hand. Yes, 32GB on a Galaxy S5 would have been unthinkable ten years ago, but now that’s barely enough to contain our music collection, let alone all the apps, games, documents, music… Continue reading

5 essential Android battery saver tips

samsung battery

Modern day smartphone batteries are pretty good at getting through the day, but there’s still plenty of ways to keep the juice flowing for longer. Here are the top 5 essential Android battery saver  tips. 1. Turn the screen brightness down Whether your Android device has a slick looking OLED panel or a traditional backlit… Continue reading

13 best rugged phone cases in the world

Griffin Survivor Waterproof

While our smartphones are seemingly made from stronger materials than ever, if you want the ultimate in protection you still can’t beat a good case, as Alex Kidman explains.