How to stream movies from your PC to your Android phone or tablet


One of the greatest uses for a tablet or jumbo-sized phone is to put those millions of pixels to work on displaying your favourite movie or TV show. However, loading up said videos onto your device before you tuck into your bed-nest for the night is an annoying — but preventable — process. Thankfully, streaming… Continue reading

SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive review


The Ultra Dual USB Drive (UDUD) is a tiny flash storage device that’s designed with Android users in mind — it can plug into the micro-USB slot used by most Android smartphones and tablets to let you copy files to and from your device (and between Android devices) without the need of a PC… though… Continue reading

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review


Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite e-reader has one key difference over its forebears — it packs an illuminated, edge-lit screen so you can read more easily in the dark. That does come at a slight price though …

Lenovo IdeaTab S6000 review


This might’ve been the cheapest tablet we saw in this roundup, but Lenovo’s IdeaTab S6000 punches surprisingly well above its weight, given its modest $298 price tag. MediaTek is a popular chipmaker whose wares fill many budget phones and tablets across Asia with Rockchip its nearest competitor in this roundup. But while the MTK8125 quad-core… Continue reading

Sony Xperia Tablet Z review


Sony’s Xperia Z is one of the better big-screen Android tablets doing the rounds, with iPad Air-like servings of weight, screen quality and performance in a sub-$500 price tag. It tips the scales at 495g, making it second only to the iPad Air for light weight and is well below everything else we saw in… Continue reading

DreamTab: The tablet Shrek would use


It’s no secret that kids love mobile tech. Spend any amount of time around young children and you’ll invariably find them glued to their parents’ smartphones and tablets (and often operating them a degree more nimbly than mum and dad, for that matter). While hardware companies have been quick to service this sector of the… Continue reading

An evening of Smartglass and Dead Rising 3

An evening of Smartglass and Dead Rising 3

Toshiba’s latest Encore tablet got the chance to show it has some serious gaming muscle, as well as being a sturdy workhorse, at an exclusive reader event held at Microsoft HQ. CVG, in partnership with Official Xbox Magazine and Toshiba, invited a group of readers to get their hands on the 8-inch Encore tablet and…

Google Nexus 7 (2013) review

Google Nexus 7 (2013) review

Does Google finally have the tablet to take down the iPad mini with the new Nexus 7?

Steve Jobs’ greatest hits

Steve Jobs' greatest hits

Without his vision and his unrelenting need for perfection, Apple probably wouldn’t be where it is today – the world’s most valuable company. Let’s take a look at the products he envisioned that have revolutionise the industry.

How to child-proof your iPad

How to child-proof your iPad

Kids these days. Rather than the pastimes with which our generation wiled away our childhood, like juvenile delinquency, they all want to play computer games. And even the most ‘helicopter’ parent among us every once in a while needs a bit of peace and quiet, so handing them an iPad and letting them throw birds…