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3. Working with tags

3. Working with tags

You can also style the ‘img’ tag so all new images have a certain style applied to them by default. To do this, create a new style for the tag and set the options you want to be applied to all images on the page.

Music on demand: The 9 best music streaming services rated

Best music streaming

We’ve got the nine best music streaming services tested, so you can find music for any possible occasion.

How to tweak your Android device with Xposed


Xposed continues to be the best way to tweak your ROM.

How to record your life

record your life

Build a digital vault of notes, memories, documents and ideas to record your life effortlessly.

Use MediaMonkey to achieve music library management Zen

Apps for music lovers

Simon Chester explains how you too can experience the peace of a flawless music library.

Essential apps for your mini tablet

Essential apps for your mini tablet

Quickoffice For: iOS, Android  |  Price: Free It remains to be seen whether Microsoft’s Office formats carry the near-universal popularity they’ve enjoyed over the past two decades on into the next one, but in any case Google recently dropped the price of Quickoffice for iOS and Android to free, meaning you can edit Word, Excel…

Apple’s WWDC 2013 Highlights: iOS7, OS X Mavericks, Mac Pro

Apple's WWDC 2013 Highlights: iOS7, OS X Mavericks, Mac Pro

Apple events are ridiculously highly anticipated, with rumours flashing around the web in the days and weeks beforehand and analysis by the truckload in the days after. Even its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC)- aimed, as the name suggests, for a technical and specialised audience – attracts this kind of attention. So how do you figure…

Apps and gadgets for your next flight

Apps and gadgets for your next flight

If you haven’t taken a plane trip since the last family holiday a couple of years ago, the next time you travel you’ll notice big changes as far as technology is concerned. Where we once used to hide our smartphones from flight attendants, passengers are increasingly encouraged to use their portable devices at the airport…

Where to go for online movies in Australia

Where to go for online movies in Australia

Home-grown online movie services might still be in their relative infancy in Australia, but the range of domestic providers is expanding all the time – there’s a gamut of entertainment-on-demand options to stream or download movies and TV shows to your home theatre, PC or mobile device. There are certainly alternative and less expensive ways…